Peter Brandt

So, finally, after a year off, I pick up where I ought to have started.

Peter Brandt draws portraits. Back in 2013 he decided to quit his day job and start drawing full time. He hoped this would help him stay sane and spend more time with his family - you can decide whether those two aims support each other or not.

Peter Brandt's portrait of Alissa Carta

He draws in soft pastel with some pastel pencil and charcoal thrown in for good measure. Instead of paper he uses plain cotton fabric - in Australia and Britain it’s called Calico, but in the States you might call it Muslin. He buys it by the roll and draws pretty much everyday. Between commissions he draws celebrities and the good ones he puts up for sale on Etsy.

A price guide is $100 for a custom drawing 50x75cm with extra for larger or particularly complex work. That size allows for a good level of detail. Smaller is more fiddly and difficult to get a good likeness.

He has also done a few black and white portraits in charcoal and pastel on paper approximately A3 size that look fantastic. He said they were simpler, so everyone, go flood him with requests!

  • Prices start at AU$100
  • Sizes start at 50x75cm

Peter Brandt