Maria Waye from Toronto, Canada

I came across Maria’s work through Etsy looking for examples of how to promote custom portraits.

Some of Maria's portraits

Sifting through Etsy’s portrait offerings can be frustrating as there is a huge range of talent and interpretations as to what constitutes a hand drawn portrait. For my purposes I’m looking for an actual, physical, pigment on surface applied by hand (or foot, or mouth) and drawing stick (including brush, pen, pencil, crayon, you get the idea?).

Maria’s work goes far beyond just “good”. She is a full fledged award-winning artist who has a beautifully light way with colour.

You can find out more about her through her website:

  • Prices start at AU$187 (US$143) for a charcoal sketch
  • Sizes aren’t stipulated but the sample is 12”x16”

Portrait ordering through etsy